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Lador is a Korean hair care brand that offers salon-quality hair treatments and products that cater to various hair concerns. The brand's products are formulated with natural ingredients like keratin, collagen, and plant oils, which help nourish and repair dry and damaged hair. Lador's Perfect Hair Fill-Up Original 3 Seconds Intensive Keratin Hair Mask is a popular product that deeply conditions and repairs dry and damaged hair by creating a protective shield on hair cuticles. The brand's Keratin LPP Damage Repair Shampoo is another popular product that is pH balanced and formulated without silicone, paraben, sulfate, and alcohol, making it suitable for dry, damaged, frizzy, coarse, and thinning hair. Lador's dedication to natural and effective hair care has made it a favorite among customers worldwide. Buy online Lador at, Free shipping Canada & Usa